“When you befriend all parts of yourself, you can be at home wherever you are.”


“When you befriend all parts of yourself, you can be at home wherever you are.”

My Story

I’m a highly sensitive soul. I was the girl that cried when the ant died in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. And I've always been drawn to other highly sensitive souls.

I also know how to boss up. I’ve helped hundreds of highly sensitive, ambitious women stop living in overwhelm, strengthen their boundaries and self-compassion, and create joyful, purpose-driven lives.

Here’s how it all started.

Raised atheist and free-thinking in the religious midwest, I felt the stark reality of not belonging from an early age. As a teen, I realized that if I was to be heartbreakingly unpopular, which I was, I might as well have flair. So I cut my hair pixie-short, dyed it Flamin’ Hot Cheetos red, and gave the middle finger to everything my surroundings stood for. I didn’t know where I was headed, but I knew it was far from home.

I’ve lived many lives since my misfit youth: tortured artist, party queen, corporate leader, spiritual awakener, meditation teacher, sober healer. My drive to achieve and belong were never my weak spots; it was overdoing it that got me in trouble.

Case in point: to succeed as a brand director (a role I loved) in a male-dominated field, I pushed aside every part of me that didn’t match the narrative. Highly sensitive? Who cares. Need a break? Nah, go harder. I pushed myself so hard that one January, I ended up in the emergency room, extremely sick. My body had been telling me for years to slow down, but for the first time, I was forced to listen.

By luck or fate, I’d also found a healer who specialized in mindful somatic psychology. As we untangled my life’s knots, I saw (with a hefty dose of dismay) that I’d been operating from the outside in, believing if I hustled hard enough, pleased enough people, made enough money, I’d be happy. Instead, I felt miserable.

With her help, I began to rebuild my life, starting from within. I learned to connect with parts of myself I didn’t know were there. My life softened, simplified; I became more present and joyful. I started to feel whole. And I found a radical sense of belonging within myself I’d never known before. 

That’s when I knew it was time to help other women and feminine-of-center folks like me. After years of finding meaning in creating spiritual memes, I awoke to being of service, quit my job, and threw myself into learning the same methods that transformed my life.

Beyond extensive training and certification as a somatic coach, I bring over two decades of healing experience, ten years of daily meditation practice, and multiple spiritual awakenings to my work with clients. I’ve taught mindfulness and meditation for individuals and organizations. And I’ve studied with leaders in the fields of somatics, Buddhism, and trauma to develop my unique, holistic approach.

I know from experience that working with someone who welcomes every part of you and meets you where you are can make ALL the difference. 

And now you’re here, at the edge of taking the first step to creating a life you can feel in your bones is meant to be yours. I know it can be scary. It can also be exciting AF. I’m here to hold both (along with anything else that shows up) with you.

A soul-satisfying life is yours for the taking. Ready to explore how we might work together?


My Certifications & Training

Associate Certified Coach (ACC), International Coaching Federation

Certified Professional Integrative Coach (CPIC), Institute for Integrative Coach Training

Certified Hakomi Practitioner (CHP), The Hakomi Institute of Mindful Somatic Psychology

Caitlin's Third-Person Bio


Caitlin Clarke is a somatic life and career coach who helps highly sensitive, ambitious women go deep within to heal from stress and overwhelm, get to the root of what's holding them back, and create soul-satisfying lives. She's a Certified Hakomi Practitioner and an ICF-certified Professional Integrative Coach, and has led groups big and small in meditation and self-inquiry, integrating mindfulness and movement to help women and feminine-of-center folks come home to themselves. Learn more at 

Six things that help me find Radical Self-Belonging™ 

Sticking my feet in the dirt, any time or place. Parklets, back yards, random patches of dirt? Yes, please. 
Making up songs whilst cooking. Recent favorites: "MF-in' Beans"and  "Damn, I Wish I Was Your Pizza."
Shakin' it off, literally. I looove to dance. Movement has been a central part of my healing.
Meditating every dang day. It keeps me grounded. I think of it as my daily touch-base with the divine.
Laughing. I laugh a lot. Humor combined with empathy is some of the best soul medicine.
 Exploring. From distant lands to the corner deli, many of my most rewarding experiences come from being present with what's right in front of me.
"Caitlin showed me that by constantly living in the future I was avoiding my current needs and connection to others. My mind used to always be on the next thing on my to-do list and how I was going to fit everything in but now I see just how important it is to give the present moment my full attention. Through our time together I’ve learned to slow down, enjoy the little moments more and take time to check in with myself before rushing to the next activity.
I now feel more inner peace and calm, and I act from the underlying knowing that being overwhelmed by my busy schedule doesn’t help anyone, including me. I now see that I don’t have to be living in overwhelm all the time to be effective. I feel more connected to my friends, family, coworkers and most importantly myself.
- Dayna

Who would you be if nothing was holding you back?


Who would you be if nothing was holding you back?


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I work with women and feminine-of-center folks of every race, ethnicity, age, ability, and orientation. You belong here in all your gorgeous individuality.

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