7 signs you're an inner world adventurer

adventure inner world memes Jan 08, 2022
Adventure Amelia Earhart

If you have an adventurous spirit, you probably love the idea of boldly going where no one has gone before. You’re fascinated by different cultures and you pursue new experiences because it makes you feel alive. When it comes to travel, you’ve camped, glamped, and stamped your passport, with a lot more stamps to go. Staying in the same place day after day, year after year? You don’t know her.

But are you an inner world adventurer? Here are seven signs you’re ready to explore unknown territory within your psyche and soul and discover parts of yourself no one has seen before...not even you.

  1. As a kid, you were a total bookworm.

    Choose-your-own-adventure? Sci-fi, fantasy, historical bodice-rippers? Shuh, yeah. If it had goblins, giants, cyborgs, centaurs, merfolk, and other fictional beasts (including Fabio-esque men with rippling pectorals), you were ALL IN. You loved imagining these worlds existed just beyond your mundane bus-stop, turkey-and-cheese-sandwich life.

  2. Your intuition is strong.


    Call it your gut, heart, sixth sense, or third eye--something in you knows how to pick up on what others don’t. Exhibit A: you saw telltale signs that the new employee wasn’t gonna work out before anyone else. And somehow you just knew you’d have chemistry with that Hinge date after a thousand swipe-lefts (thank the lord because it was about damn time). You see things coming a mile away which is great because--even though it’s hard when no one believes you--it’s helped you sidestep disaster more than once.

  3. You’re always asking “why”.

    “Why is that [person/situation/relationship/fill in the blank] the way it is?” “Why did I choose this and not that?” “Why is my boss being such a douchenozzle?” You’re genuinely curious and want to know the reasons behind, well, nearly everything, because it’s important to you to get to the bottom of how things work, so you can enlarge your worldview.

  4. You’ve had some far-out experiences.

    Trippy things happen to you more than most people you know. Maybe you see synchronicities all the time, or get loud and clear messages from the universe or spirit world. Like the time you asked for a sign that you should definitely go on that trip to [insert Far-Off Land] and then two hours later saw a billboard, the side of a bus, and a random woman’s tote bag, all practically yelling at you with your trip’s location blazing across them to book the trip already.
  5. You love taking the road less traveled. 

    Sure, it’s important to you to fit in, but you don’t map out your whole life around it. You listen to the beat of your own drum, even if it goes against the crowd. The beaten trail is cool and all, but what about that barely noticeable path off to the left that leads into undiscovered territory? That’s where the magic is. 

  6. You’re a bit of a lone wolf.

    You have friends that can never be by themselves, but that’s not you. You’re comfortable alone--you like being able to hear yourself think and feel yourself feel, even when it’s hard. You can go anywhere by yourself because your own company is just that awesome. 

  7.  You have a brave heart.

    When Joseph Campbell said, “the very cave you are afraid to enter turns out to be the source of what you are looking for,” you said, “hold my spelunking gear.” You have a big, bold side and while you may not always say or do the right thing, you’re willing to stick your neck out, take the first step before anyone else, and say something, do something, in times when others seem content to stay on the sidelines. Sometimes it feels like you can’t not—because it’s just who you are.

If these signs ring true for you, then you’ve got more than a little inner world adventurer in you. Congrats on being awesome :) 

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